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Gain True Friendships

Ever wonder how much your friends really know about you? Wonder no more. With the True Friend app, you can start testing your friends knowledge on everything from what your favorite movie is, to how you’d handle a particular situation. Each question is designed to bring you closer to your friends.

Prove Your Loyalty

Loyalty is key to any long-lasting friendship. With the TrueFriend app, you can show your friends how much you really know about them. With each correctly answered question, you’ll earn points that prove just how loyal you really are to your friends. Don’t worry, if you answer one wrong, you can even make up for it.

Earn Your Friends’ Respect

Earning respect is harder said than done. TrueFriend gamifies the respect-earning process by allowing Players to answer questions about their friends in an interactive format. Your score is displayed front-and-center so everyone knows that you’re the friend they need to win over.